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June marks the beginning of summer, the celebration of Father’s Day and the kick off of Men’s Health Month

June marks the beginning of summer, the celebration of Father’s Day and the kick off of Men’s Health Month—a national observance aimed at raising awareness of preventable health problems and encouraging early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys. Yes, guys, you have your very own month. High five!

In addition to bringing to light common issues concerning men’s health, this important annual event also seeks to inspire men and boys to care for their bodies by implementing healthy living practices such as exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet.

 I’m happy to report that the theme of this month’s issue is men’s wellness. Our feature article is “Integrative Health for Men: Natural Approaches for Robust Vitality.” Compared to women, American men die five years earlier on average, in part because they eat worse, smoke more, drink harder, exercise less and suffer more injuries. They are also notoriously difficult to get into a doctor’s office, but they can regain control of their health using the mind-body focus of integrative approaches. Using a range of modalities, from medications to herbal remedies to dietary strategies, integrative doctors holistically and effectively treat men’s major concerns of heart disease, erectile dysfunction, prostate cancer and depression.

 We also have two local articles pertaining to men: “The T Factor,” which addresses low testosterone and the importance of getting this condition diagnosed once symptoms first appear, and “Yoga: Also Great for Guys”—don’t worry, dudes, there are no goats involved! 

I hope everyone gets out there and enjoys the long, warm summer days. And for those with dads in their life, maybe consider celebrating Father’s Day the healthy way by firing up something nutritious on the barbie or going on a long walk or hike (maybe even talk to dad about seeing the doc while walking).

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