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Body Scanning to Determine Fat Loss

One of the methods used in the past to identify how much body fat a person has on their body was body fat calipers, a device that measures seven sites on the body, which then would be put in a mathematical equation that calculates the body fat percentage. Although this method does have flaws with accuracy, it has been a great assessment tool because it generated real data to input into a system that can be measured each time.  

As the body fat caliper method is a thing of the past, now 3D body scanning is available.  

It utilizes technology that will motivate users visually while providing key health metrics in 35 seconds.  

While standing on a platform and remaining still for a few seconds, arms outstretched, the high-resolution imaging system captures millions of data points in a matter of seconds in a fast, non-invasive process.  

These data points are then projected through a unique report. The results from the 3D scan can be tracked on a scalable basis to create actual fitness results. 

The Styku 3D body scanning technology not only provides people a hyper-accurate reading of their key measurements, but also increases attention levels for users to stay committed to what actually works. Then, reviewing body composition and conducting body fat analysis will determine a fat-loss goal, the amount of workouts per week we would need to commit to in order to reach your goals and how many calories that should be eaten based on the analysis.  

Scanning will further educate users with a health analysis based on waist measurements. Extra weight around the mid-section can increase the risk for obesity-related diseases. This analysis will determine any risks and create a risk reduction goal in order to keep our health in tip-top shape. 

Source: Bristol Jenkin with Bodies by Bristol, located at 320 Evesboro Medford Rd., Marlton. For more information or to make an appointment, call 856-983-1505 or visit   

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