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We All Have Intuition

by Maryann Pino Miller 

It’s more than likely that all of us have used intuition at various times, but did not see it as an intuitive response or action or feeling. But because we followed it, we arrived at our destination safely, were prepared for a change in the weather, cancelled a trip only to find out we avoided an unforeseen accident or showed up at a friend’s home to find her needing comfort. 

Intuition or psychic ability has been around for ages. Sages, mystics, soothsayers and oracles have been revered and used throughout time for insights and guidance.  

There are individuals that make their living as intuitives, psychics, mediums, card readers and energy readers. Each has learned to find his or her way through their own unique journey connecting to and nurturing their gifts.   


Whatever name that’s given to the craft, we are talking about connecting to and believing in something we cannot see, hear, smell, taste or touch. In other words, we are moving into an area beyond our five senses.  This has led to the term ESP or extrasensory perception. 

Going beyond our five senses can lead us to considering a connection to a Greater Power … God, Source, Universal Energy. It has been said “there is nothing new under the sun”.  This can lead to everything we could ever want or need to know or understand is already present, just hanging around waiting for us to ask the question.  And if we consider the concept of Oneness—being part of this Universal Energy/Database—we can tap into ourselves for the answer. 

How do I know the ways of all things at the beginning? 

By what is inside me. ~ Lao Tzu 

 I know when I have a problem and have done all I can … thinking,  

figuring, planning … I keep listening in a sort of inside silence ‘til  
something clicks and I feel a right answer.  ~ Conrad Hilton 


Like any other gift, talent or skill, intuition has to be nurtured and developed. The first step is to acknowledge possessing it. We have all probably used or heard the words “I had a hunch”, “mother’s intuition”, “woman’s intuition” or “gut-feel” and then a decision was made which provided favorable results.  All of these phrases point to an innate knowing guiding all of us. 

During the times those phrases were used, there was probably a very strong “need to know”.  According to Edgar Cayce, intuition plays a guiding role in our lives and is elicited by our need to know at a particular time, further connecting us to our God/Source/Universe with guidance, protection, comfort and awareness. 


Acceptance of having intuition and deciding on developing it sets Universal Energy into motion to help the process by sending out signs in the form of people, articles, books, workshops and situations that in some way support the desire to develop intuition. Our intuition guides us to the resources in the order they are needed. 

We can practice with yes/no questions; which team is going to win the game; who the villain in the mystery is; who just sent the text (before you look, of course); who is going to win the award.  Have moment of stillness like in tuning the radio dial before deciding. Have fun with this form of practicing “the feel of your intuition” and showing an interest and desire to connect to something deep inside yourself. 

When a decision needs to be made, gather the information that’s needed … facts, figures, input from mentors, possible outcomes, etc. Once gaining a good grasp of the situation, get quiet, sit in stillness/meditation clearing the mind and focusing on the heart and asking for the guidance to what is best at this time. Once there, consider option A and whatever is attached to it and notice feelings.  Then “clear” with deep breaths. Consider option B and whatever is attached to it and notice those feelings.  Clear oneself. Offer gratitude. 

It may take practice to feel a difference and to be comfortable with “the feel”, but one will get there. 


This desire to go within for fun answers and the needed ones develops relationships with ourselves and realizing a much greater level of control than we thought we had. We grow to feel more empowered and in control. 

I was told many, many years ago, the answers are inside you. I didn’t have a clue then the depth of that statement. I am getting a real taste of it now. 

And so can all of us. In taking this journey, there may be a time when one feels emotionally overwhelmed and going inside for the answers is not working.  This may be a time to reach out to a professional intuitive. Whether it’s for the challenging times or as an ongoing within journey, guidance can be provided at The Center, Life in Balance.  Visit for information on group workshops and intuitives that offer private sessions to help guide us to ourselves.  


Maryann Pino Miller is a spiritual teacher, awareness coach and author. 


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