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Financial Therapist and Executive Coach Joins Recently Opened Excitari Wellness Center

Excitari Wellness Center, in Medford, recently welcomed Jill Ross, financial therapist, educator and executive coach to its growing team of exceptional wellness providers. With 27 years of experience in financial service leadership including banking, lending and wealth management; a bachelor’s degree in finance; and master’s-level background in social work, Ross is following her lifelong passion of helping people take the fear and intimidation out of their finances and empowering them with knowledge, techniques and tools.  

Excitari clients can receive financial coaching, education and strategies that will provide guidance on how to communicate, plan and agree on a combined financial relationship.  Executive coaching services will help clients navigate professional relationships, learn constructive ways to manage their careers horizontally and laterally, and loosen ties to the energy of past stories. 

Passionate about helping individuals, couples and families take the stress and fear out of understanding and planning for their financial and professional paths, Ross makes it easy for people to take control of their lives and experience their authentic selves with work and finances. 

Location: 30 Jackson Rd., Ste. D-101. For more information, visit

Excitari Wellness Center - 30 Jackson Rd  Unit D101 Medford NJ

Excitari Wellness Center - 30 Jackson Rd , Unit D101, Medford, NJ

At Excitari Wellness Center, we understand that holistic wellness is more than physical health. It encompasses the processes of our body on a physical and material level, as well as the e... Read More » 


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