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Six Easy Ways to Eat Smart for Our Heart

Knowing which foods can prevent heart disease is a powerful way to improve our overall health.

Eat the Rainbow
Dark-green leafy vegetables are natural sources of fiber and antioxidants, and help lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. Purple fruits and vegetables are rich in anthocyanins, which may benefit brain health, help lower inflammation, and fight heart disease and cancer. Red, orange and yellow vegetables are high in beta-carotene and can help prevent blood vessel damage. 

Stick to Healthy Fats
Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats like olive oil and nuts are “good fats” because they help improve cholesterol levels, lowering our risk for heart attack and stroke. 

Eat Lean Protein and Reduce Fatty Meats
Limit red meat consumption. Try fish like salmon and tuna, which contain omega-3 fats and help lower triglyceride and blood pressure levels. Beans also provide fiber and protein.

Be Selective of Carbs
Limit carbohydrates to those from whole-foods rather than processed sources. 

Go for H2O
Quench thirst with zero-calorie water. Skip soda, alcohol and juices.

Look Beyond Well-Known Brands
Explore brands other than those that dominate supermarket shelves. European food products often have less sugar and gluten. Asian food markets sell items with less sugar and additives.

Taking these steps to enhance our diet will help our heart beat strong and continue to improve our overall health. 

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