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Five Ways Clearing Clutter Improves Our Health

Our home is a metaphor for our body. As we declutter our space, our body registers the shift and we feel lighter, more energized and function more optimally.

1.     We Breathe Better

Less clutter means greater qi circulation in our space and more space for fresh air to flow—and our lungs will notice. 

2.     Our Liver is Supported

In addition to processing food and environmental toxins, our liver also takes on any stress that we cannot consciously process, like a cluttered home that is subtly stressing us out. As we declutter, our liver registers the shift. As we feel more at ease, our liver does too and thus functions more efficiently.

 3.     Our Mind is Calmer

When our home is cleared, our mind feels at ease and less frazzled.

 4.     We Have Better Digestion

A serene space ignites the parasympathetic nervous system, which allows us to effectively assimilate our nutrients and have a more peaceful digestion (less bloating and discomfort).

5.     We Sleep Better

As we remove clutter from under our bed and declutter our bedroom, we create a more tranquil space for rest, and thus support ourselves in getting a deeper night’s sleep (which also supports our immune system and helps us feel happier the next day).

KellySue Fitzharris is the founder of Guiding Hearts and Healing Spaces. To set up a clutter clearing session, email her at [email protected]. For more information, visit