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Finding Exercise That Brings Joy

Jan 30, 2021 03:43PM ● By Mary Weiss

“Have you ever had a workout all planned out, but woke up and would rather do anything but that?” asks Mary Weiss, of Sprinkling of Health. “Instead of looking at exercise as punishment and something we need to do to change our bodies, what if we could look at it as something that’s enjoyable?” adds Weiss, who shares tips and recipes on Instagram and on her website.

 “It has been engrained that for a workout to ‘count,’ you need to be a sweaty mess. In my opinion, the workout that really counts is the one that leaves you feeling energized, strong and happy,” shares Weiss. 

 With so many forms of movement available—including high-intensity interval training, weight training, yoga, barre, Pilates, kickboxing and CrossFit—Weiss points out that there’s something  for everyone. 

 “There is no set rule that says you need to workout for 45 minutes a day, break a sweat, or follow a specific routine to have the health benefits of exercise,” notes Weiss. “Even walking 30 minutes a day can benefit your cardiovascular health, improve mood, regulate sleep and decrease anxiety. Any movement will benefit your overall health. The best one you can do is the one that brings you joy.”

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