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Dr. John R. DeCotiis, DeCotiis Chiropractic Wellness

Dr Decotiis

 What is your area of practice and how would you summarize what you do?  

My practice specializes in wellness-based chiropractic care for people in every walk of life; from prenatal and pediatric, sports injuries, geriatric care and everything in-between. Every day, I identify and remove nerve interference in the body with gentle and specific nervous system focused spinal adjustments. This reduces the body’s internal stress, enabling the body to communicate freely and function at its highest capacity.  


What are the primary benefits of chiropractic care? 

The benefits of chiropractic include internal and external stress reduction, a stronger immune system, increased healthy digestion (decreased IBS), improved mobility, decreased inflammation, decreased arthritic degeneration, increased energy, better sleep, improved circulation, accelerated recovery from injury, easier labor and decreased associated prenatal back pain, and behavioral improvement in colic prone babies. 


What inspired you and why did you decide to enter this field?  

I grew up in chiropractic care and experienced the benefits in my life and the lives of my family members first hand. I wanted to be a part of helping people learn how to listen to the body and live a healthy lifestyle that fully supports normal function so they are truly able to get the most out of life.  


How long have you been in practice and what areas of specialty interest you?  

I have been in practice for 14 years, and one of my favorite parts about what I do is consulting my patients on a regular basis on how to live a healthier lifestyle, including nutritional weight loss, posture and sleep ergonomics, physical rehabilitation and supplementation.  


What makes what you do unique and how has your practice evolved?  

My approach is unique because rather than chase and mask symptoms, I want to identify and address the root cause to promote overall health for the long run. Over the years I have developed more of a patient approach to care―I like to really get to know my patients, their lifestyle and the way their body responds so that I can give them the best possible care specific to each individual.  


What is the most rewarding aspect of your practice? 

Every day I know that people leave healthier than when they came in. I get to hear reports from my patients who no longer need to rely on medication to live, and for me that may be the most exciting thing.  


How would you answer someone that is skeptical of chiropractic care?

Chiropractic care is based on scientific, evidence-based research and clinical practice since 1895. It is not painful, but it is the best way to maintain overall health and assure that your body is functioning at optimal potential.  


What do you most want ​Natural Awakenings ​readers to know about you and your approach? 

When you walk into my practice, it is the goal of my whole staff and I that you feel welcomed like family. We are very thorough in our get-to-know-you process and we hope you feel right at home.  


Tell us a “fun fact” about you.  

I’ve been getting adjusted since I was 5 days old, and adjusted my kids at 5 minutes old!  


DeCotiis Chiropractic Wellness is located at 30 West Holly Ave., Pitman. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 856-218-1330 or visit 

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