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Halloween: Are You Still Donning a Mask? by Brandon Handley

As children, we looked forward to being able to dress up as our favorite characters… be it Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash or perhaps a doctor, an astronaut, a fireman or a policeman. 

 When we put that costume on, we were Superman, we were the doctor, whatever it was we donned for the holiday and the week or so leading up to it. There was no question about it, we could fly if only the cape could catch enough wind.

 Somewhere along the lines the costume changed into khakis, or suits, or perhaps soccer or football uniforms.

 We became the mask and did so by default. We took guidance from all of those around and accepted that they would know best. After all they were older or had been in certain positions longer. And at some point, we became what everyone else wanted us to become. At some point we found ourselves looking in the mirror wondering, “What have I become?”

 This isn’t a good thing or a bad thing. We simply don’t see ourselves anymore and become curious about what has happened to the fearless, happy child that couldn’t be told that they weren’t Wonder Woman just because you had on a costume.

 These are interesting times, and while we may get out this holiday season and put on a mask to act out our inner most desires, consider the idea, and the strength presented without the need of a mask.

 Our inner most desires don’t require a mask.

 Brandon Handley is founder and owner of The Prosperity Practice, located in South Jersey. He offers life coaching in areas of personal transformation and prosperity. For more information or to schedule a consultation, call 484-366-1809 or visit