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Animals Love Energy Healing

Our furry companions bring immense joy into our lives. But just like us, they can experience physical and emotional ailments. While veterinary medicine plays a crucial role in their health, complementary therapies like Pranic Healing can help pets heal faster and easier.

Like humans, animals have an energy body with chakras. Pranic Healers work on the chakras in specific ways to help restore health and wellness. Dogs, cats and even small animals like rabbits and squirrels can be treated. Here are just a few of the ways that Pranic Healing can help animals:

Reduced Stress and Anxiety: Pets can experience stress and anxiety due to various factors, like separation anxiety, loud noises or new environments. Pranic Healing can promote relaxation and a sense of calm, helping pets cope with stressful situations.

Faster Healing: By improving the flow of prana to affected areas, Pranic Healing may accelerate healing after injuries. This can help pets recover faster and experience less discomfort.

Pain Management: Pranic Healing can help manage pain associated with various conditions by reducing inflammation.

Improved Emotional Well-being: Pets can suffer from emotional issues like depression or fear. Pranic Healing can help balance their energy field, leading to a more positive emotional state.

Post-Operative Support: Pranic Healing can be used alongside traditional veterinary treatment to support our pets’ recoveries after surgery. It may help reduce discomfort, improve sleep and accelerate healing.

Pranic Healing is not a replacement for veterinary care. It should be used as a complementary therapy in conjunction with veterinary diagnosis and treatment.

The method is especially appealing for pets because it is non-invasive, involving no physical contact. Many pets find Pranic Healing sessions so calming and enjoyable that they often fall asleep. It’s considered a safe and gentle therapy for pets of all ages and conditions.

Find out more about Pranic Healing for pets with Pranic Healing Bucks County. Learn how to do it yourself in a Basic Pranic Healing class that will include pets from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on July 13 and 14 at Pebble Hill Church, located at 340 Edison Furlong Rd., in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. For more information or to register, visit

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