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Natural Awakenings South Jersey

Letter from the Publisher


Welcome to the vibrant month of May, when nature’s canvas bursts forth with color and life, inviting us to wrap ourselves in its splendor. As we transition from the gentle embrace of early spring to the blossoming abundance of warmer days, the world around us becomes a stage for our senses to revel in.

In this issue of Natural Awakenings South Jersey, we celebrate the essence of Women’s Wellness, discussing the intricate interplay of hormonal health across all stages of life. Join us as we debunk myths surrounding hormone treatments and explore the latest advancements in Lyme disease treatments.

Discover the art of balancing gluten in our diets for optimal well-being and embrace the footloose fitness, dance classes for both joy and physical benefits. Dr. Farhin Rahman of SANO Integrative Wellness shares invaluable insights on science-backed supplements for longevity, while Dr. Kathleen Baumgardner of Health Goals Chiropractic and Wellness Center guides us through navigating the influence of teen hormones in sports.

As the days lengthen and the natural world awakens in full bloom, I encourage each of you to step outside and savor the details of May’s beauty. Take a moment to listen for the chorus of frogs, marvel at the Flower Moon on May 23 and relish the freshness of green lawns and vibrant dandelions in this No Mow May.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible women who nurture and inspire us, and cheers to the boundless joys of spring. May this month be filled with moments of serenity, wonder and the enchanting magic of nature’s annual pageant.

With warm regards,


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