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Natural Awakenings South Jersey

Letter from the Publisher


As April unfolds its petals, we are greeted with the promise of warmer weather and the blossoming beauty of Mother Earth. It’s a time when we celebrate the abundance of nature and the wonders it bestows upon us. In this spirit of appreciation, we bring you another edition of Natural Awakenings South Jersey.

This month, our focus is on Eco-Travel—a timely reminder of our responsibility to cherish and preserve the Earth as we explore its wonders. As travelers, whether for leisure, cultural immersion or eco-volunteering, we have the power to tread lightly and leave a positive impact on the places we visit. Our feature story, “Sustainable Travel, Wanderlust With the Earth in Mind,” explores how mindful travel can enrich our human experience while nurturing the planet we call home.

In addition, this issue is packed with inspiration for outdoor enthusiasts. From tips on preparing for outdoor treks to nurturing healthy minds through travel experiences beyond the classroom, we aim to empower you to embrace the great outdoors and connect with the world around you.

As we dig into these topics, let us not forget the words of wisdom that remind us of our duty to protect and cherish our planet. As Jane Goodall once said, “The least I can do is speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves.” Let’s heed these words as we embark on our journeys, remembering to tread gently and with reverence for the Earth and all of its inhabitants.

Thank you for being part of our community and for joining us on this journey of discovery and appreciation. We hope this issue inspires you to explore, learn and make a positive impact wherever you go.

Wishing you all a month filled with adventure, enlightenment and the joy of connecting with nature.

Warm regards,


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