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Health Haven

Each and every day, as Donna Wood walks through the doors of her wellness store, Health Haven, in the heart of historic Moorestown, she brings a renewed sense of passion and excitement for what has been her life’s work. Further, each customer that visits has the unique opportunity to tap into that well-honed wealth of knowledge that she has spent the last 41 years curating.

I live with such an immense sense of gratitude that I get to do what I love,” says Wood. One of the original Health Haven owners located in both Hainesport and Medford, she now focuses her energies on her store in Moorestown, which she opened in 2015.

You know, you can quit your job, but you can’t quit your calling,” she adds, a calling that has taken this certified nutritionist on a vast journey of uncovering the many amazing ways the body has the ability to heal and educating and informing others about them is her top priority.

My motto is solutions over sales and people over profits,” she says. With that in mind, along with her small, but mighty arsenal of inventory, she can custom-craft approaches to health issues utilizing everything from old-fashioned remedies to cutting-edge products and everything in between.

Her loyal customer base is now on its second generation and benefits from Wood’s long proven and practical experience with a wide variety of products. The store carries nutritional supplements, minerals, vitamins, herbal remedies, immune system support and personal care products. “If we don’t have it here, we have wide access to thousands of inventories. I know where and how to get something quickly,” she says. “Special orders are our specialty.”

I like to encourage my customers to listen to their health providers, but to also do their own research. Information is power and when you feel empowered, fear disappears,” Wood relates. Considered by her customers to be a “fountain of knowledge,” Wood, a lifelong learner, builds on that knowledge base by continually researching new and emerging advances in wellness.

Her special one-on-one approach to service leaves customers feeling like they’ve really been listened to and understood—a too-often rare experience in today’s medical treatment world.

When not busy with the store, she is committed to taking the time to self-care and find “the quiet.” Whether spending time outside gardening or working a crossword puzzle, “You have to turn off all the voices around you so you can hear your own true voice,” she adds.

Health Haven also carries an array of price-friendly soy-free candles; locally sourced organic honey; a full line of goat milk products; housewarming gifts; artist-made, one-of-a-kind jewelry; and Earth-friendly greeting cards.

Location: 69 East Main St. For more information, call 856-231-7744 or visit


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