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Signs of Being a Psychic

by Brandi Van 

For those that have experienced supernatural occurrences that can’t be explained, they may have psychic abilities. It’s said that everyone is born with psychic gifts, but if we don’t know what to look for, we could be having psychic experiences without even realizing it.  

Here are some circumstances, situations or experiences we may be having, but not realizing they’re our innate psychic gifts: 

  • Having experienced déjà vu 
  • Having a dream that ended up coming true 
  • The ability to recognize when we are in a dream and how vivid they are 
  • Hearing human voices that other people can’t hear 
  • Seeing things with our peripheral vision, like a shadow out of the corner of our eye 
  • Having a strong connection with our intuition 
  • Knowing what other people are thinking 
  • Getting a bad feeling and then something bad happens 
  • Animals and children gravitating toward us 
  • Smelling fragrances that belong to deceased loved ones 
  • Often seeing repetitive number sequences 
  • Being overly sensitive to the emotional state of friends, family or even strangers 
  • Turning around because we felt someone was staring at us 
  • The thought of a certain person randomly popping into our mind and then running into that person or receiving a phone call from them later that same day 
  • Getting a bad vibe when entering a room 

Those that have ever experienced any of these may very well be psychic. Having an open mind and starting to listen to, trust and act on our intuition is a great place to start developing our psychic abilities.   

Having these abilities doesn’t have to be scary as the media often portrays it to be. By tapping into these gifts, we can better understand ourselves and others and make a real impact on the world around us. 

There are many types of psychics and how they use their abilities vary. Some psychics can deliver messages full of healing and comfort from deceased loved ones, some can communicate with pets, while others can assist police in a missing persons case. 

Being a psychic doesn’t mean needing to purchase a crystal ball and tell someone their future.  It doesn’t mean putting a neon sign outside of the house that says “Psychic Readings.” It simply means having an amazing gift.  

Brandi Van, a Spiritual Medium and Psychic Development Mentor located in Philadelphia, encourages people to embrace their gift, and offers a 90-day mentorship program, Jump Start Your Psychic Abilities. For more information or to enroll in the program, visit