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Letter from the Publisher

Nov 30, 2022 09:00AM ● By Nancy Seigle


We’re told to find it, especially at this time of year.

Some find it through the many time-honored traditions practiced and passed down generation after generation.

Some see it in the dormant earth at winter solstice, a sacred time of rest and reflection, with its slow-build promise toward brighter days.

I’m wishing you all the merriment and fun this season can bring. And, if you—like my family this year—are seeing the lights of the holidays dimmed by the tears of grief, I pray you find peace.

A beloved aunt, my hero, has left this world too soon, leaving a hole in the heart of our family. Yet, she also leaves her legacy of love, memories of her life and countless lessons which will continue to teach, touch and inspire many.

I think she would have reminded us to acknowledge all the good, forgive all that may have upset us and to celebrate how far we’ve traveled through all the challenges life can bring.

I strongly believe that some of the best gifts we can give and even receive are time, empathy and love. Through life, we never lose sight of that. Make time for all you love. Judge every mistake that you experience with empathy. And share love willingly, joyfully and large-heartedly. Nothing else will matter in life.

That brings me to our feature article, “Transforming Our World: Working Together for Meaningful Change,” that shares on how to access innovative methods of learning, discovery and connection, such as systems thinking (an approach to complexity that looks at the whole and analyzes relationships, rather than splitting it into smaller pieces) and Indigenous wisdom which focuses on the interconnectedness of things.

There’s also “Good Vibrations: The Healing Power of Sound.” For centuries, sound and vibrations have been used to heal both mind and body, and they are increasingly being used today by practitioners and individuals seeking stress relief, emotional well-being, mental clarity, release of trauma, dissipation of pain, improved sleep and metabolism, better focus and other benefits.

Always inspiring, our healthy kids department article shows how teaching children the value of generosity and kindness is not just good for the world, it’s good for our kids, too.

And not to be missed, there’s “Merry Brunching: Put a Healthier Twist on Favorite Recipes.”

Wherever you find yourself on the happiness spectrum this holiday season, be kind, be grateful and be joyful!

The light and love in me honors the light and love in all of you!


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