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Letter from the Publisher

Aug 31, 2022 09:30AM ● By Nancy Seigle

Perspective is everything!

Have you ever had the experience of returning to a childhood spot … a playground, the house you grew up in, or perhaps your kindergarten classroom? One of the first things you notice is how it all appears much smaller than you remember. That’s because we’ve grown!

Our perspective on aging grows, too. When we’re little, all adults seem old. (Recently, my 9-year-old son asked if I was 100!) As young adults, 30-year-olds don’t seem quite so “over-the-hill” as we once thought. And, middle age still promises there are more years ahead than behind. The 60s, 70s, 80s … and beyond … really are just numbers and can bring a welcome wisdom that makes this mystery called life all the sweeter.

Perspective. May this issue grow yours! Be inspired by our feature article, “Growing Younger, Longevity Strategies that Help Reverse the Aging Process.”

Find out the perspective of others in our annual Behind the Scenes special section where we explore our community of Mind, Body, and Soul practitioners on a deeper level. In this special issue, we get to meet and learn all about the people behind their businesses. What drives them? What are their goals and vision?

And, because our intention is always to inspire, motivate, educate and keep you growing in good health and spirit, please save the date to attend the Holistic Health & Healing Expo, sponsored by Natural Awakenings, Sunday, October 16 at The Westin Hotel, Mount Laurel, New Jersey.

Growing in radiant and radical light and love with you,


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