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Letter from the Publisher

Apr 30, 2022 09:35AM ● By Nancy Seigle


Welcome to our May issue!

This month we proudly set our focus on Women’s Health. We recognize we can only meet and learn nurturing traits like compassion, kindness, empathy and patience through a strong and healthy feminine energy. And that sacred light can help connect us to each other in meaningful and fulfilling ways.

Inside this issue be sure to check out “Resilient Mothering, How Moms Are Forging Ahead in a Changing World.” The article examines how the long slog of the pandemic has been particularly tough on mothers that have had to reimagine what it means to be a parent, employee, partner or friend and still find time for themselves.

Under our category, Healing Ways, you’ll find “Fending Off Fibroids, Natural Approaches Offer Relief” which highlights some natural treatments that can diminish or eliminate debilitating symptoms for the four in five American women who experience fibroids.

“Staying Hydrated, It’s not Just About Drinking Water” shows the troubling issues many of us experience with day-in, day-out, low-grade dehydration and points us to some simple changes we can make to stay healthy, hydrated and fit.

In our Healthy Kids category, “The Blended Family, Tips for Creating a Successful Stepfamily” covers the many issues blended families face. Learning how to allow relationships time to develop, setting clear disciplinary roles, and structuring shared holidays and special events are just some of the tips families can use to ensure a successful and happy family life.

Learn how a balanced immune system is capable of responding to invasive conditions, toxins, infections or stress in “Jeffrey Bland on Rejuvenating Our Immune System.” Then, under Conscious Eating, “Intermittent Fasting Basics, How to Improve Health by Eating Less Often,” learn how fasting, once largely a religious practice, has become the most popular dietary strategy among Americans, outpacing many of the other diet plans and fads.

You’ll discover how everyone from beginners to green thumbs can enjoy growing vegetables, flowers, and herbs in pots in “Easy Container Gardening, How to Grow Edibles in Pots and Planters,” which you’ll find in our Green Living section.

And, don’t miss our Eco Tip, “DIY Salt Scrub Recipe with Himalayan Salt and Essential Oils” and learn how a salt scrub is an easy and inexpensive way to exfoliate dry skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and pores, and improve the overall tone of skin, even in dry areas like feet and hands.

In Natural Pet, “Saving Birds from Cats, Simple Strategies to Protect Feathered Friends,” we’ll find out how to cut down on the almost 2.4 billion bird deaths each year by our cuddly kitties who also happen to be natural-born killers when out on the loose.

And, finally, you’ll be sure to be inspired by “Mothering the World,” where we can grow a fuller understanding of how the quality of nurturing permeates both the human and the natural world and goes much deeper than raising beloved offspring. Whether it be a well-balanced child, a verdant backyard garden or the premiere performance of a symphony, tending to what we love can yield great things. We must also attend to our personal well-being to nurture our own potential.

The light in me honors the light in you,


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