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Letter from the Publisher

Feb 28, 2022 09:00AM ● By Shae Marcus

Whenever I take my beloved fur babies to the veterinarian, the first question I’m asked is “What are you feeding them?”

Yet, for most medical doctors treating humans, diet and nutrition continues to take a back seat to everything else. Your physician might say, “You have to start eating healthy,” but what exactly does that mean and where do we begin?

In this month’s issue, we connect the dots between your health and the good food and critical nutrition necessary for prevention and healing.

We know you’re going to find important information in our feature, “Plant-Based Food Goes Mainstream.” Discover how many companies are developing innovative ways in which to meet the rising market demand for plant-based products.

Parents wondering how much to worry about their children’s eating habits will get help in “Beyond Picky Eating: Help for Pediatric Eating Disorders,” while “Healthy Fast-Food Choices for Kids,” gives parents healthy options for their kiddos when eating at fast food restaurants.

“Easing into a Vegan Lifestyle, Clever Meat Substitutes that Please the Palate,” will show readers valuable and easy steps to gradually move toward a plant-based diet including how to transform your own kitchen to include delicious substitutes for meat. Look for the great recipes! “Holy Cow!” covers the different varieties of plant-based milk. And, for a good reason to enjoy sweetness, be sure to read “Eat Some Chocolate Each Day.”

Don’t forget your pet! Beyond Kibble: How to Shop for the Healthiest Pet Food, will teach us how to pay closer attention to the ingredient list and bring a holistic and healthier approach to feeding our fur babies.

We’ll learn how organic purchases, seasonal eating and community spirit can boost our personal and family health in “The Bounty of Farmers Markets” and what the trend is toward regenerative herbal farming in “Ann Armbrecht on the Business of Ethical Botanicals.”

Tips on how to address those feelings of overwhelm and anxiousness in Journaling to Access Inner Wisdom is a must read along with Burnout Recovery: Ways to Rest and Find Balance which gives us first steps to healing from fatigue, cynicism and apathy.

A Weekend Warrior Survival Guide will explain simple ways of preventing and treating any injuries we sustain during those fun, weekend activities.

For the planet, The 411 on Styrofoam confirms why there is no good reason for us to continue to use this toxic and dangerous material and “Understanding a Healthier Spring Cleaning” provides helpful advise on how to be more planet-friendly when cleaning our home and office environments.

We are hoping to see you at our Holistic Health and Healing Expo, Sunday, March 20 at the Aloft Hotel! That’s where you’ll find leading-edge thinkers and practitioners in natural health who will be on hand demonstrating their products and services. You can expect inspiring workshops, valuable and up-to-date information on the latest in chiropractic medicine, yoga and Pilates. Beautiful handmade items such as lotions, candles and personal care products will also be available. Everything from holistic coaching, homeopathy and integrative medicine, to intuitive readings and energy work await you at this fun, informative and inspiring day! All are welcome!

Wising you Love and Light,


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