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Renee Vidal, founder of Excitari Wellness Center

Renee Vidal, founder of Excitari Wellness Center, calls the venture her “pandemic project,” but it was actually a long-time vision before she opened the center in May 2021. After suffering from debilitating migraines, she started her own holistic healing journey and found that many qualified alternative medicine practitioners didn’t have office space and practiced out of their homes. 

“I realized there had to be a place where practitioners could come together to collaborate in a professional office space, with support staff and a website,” Vidal says. “The public also needed a place to come in and learn about these different services. It presents holistic wellness in a mainstream way that’s accessible and easy to find.” 

Practitioners are not required to be there full time, allowing flexibility for those that only work part time. With a goal of bringing together services that address physical and spiritual wellness, Vidal has assembled a team that includes osteopathic physicians, massage therapists, nutritionists, regenerative and aesthetic medicine, life coaches, reiki masters and practitioners of metaphysical arts. A full yoga studio offers classes in vinyasa, yin and ashtanga yoga styles. Vidal has personally tried all of the services available at Excitari before making them available to clients. 

The physicians offer osteopathic manipulation treatment, which focuses on connective soft tissue, and physiatry, which targets pain management—all with a natural healing focus. Massage therapists specialize in Swedish, deep tissue, orthopedic, prenatal, sports and aromatherapy styles. 

Reiki practitioners provide energy medicine services that helps remove blocked energy from physical injuries or emotional trauma. On the metaphysical and spiritual side, Vidal notes that they have a variety of sound therapy services such as sound baths, a meditative experience whose participants are bathed in sound waves produced by healing instruments such as gongs, singing bowls, percussion, chimes and tuning forks. 

Voice analysis harmony compares frequencies of the voice and matches them to a set of 12 notes on a musical scale. This guides the client toward the best notes to use in a sound healing session. 

Shamanic services provide intuitive insight into a person’s journey, encouraging clients to open up and heal spiritually and emotionally. Past life regression sessions use a meditative approach to help one experience thoughts and emotions in past incarnations and gain spiritual guidance that helps to understand current life patterns. 

Vidal, who has practiced yoga for more than a decade, is one of the instructors at Excitari’s yoga studio. Classes such as gentle flow helps participants become familiar with yoga styles and builds a foundation to move on to other classes such as power flow vinyasa, yin and ashtanga. 

Most services are available in one-on-one or group sessions. A full schedule of upcoming classes and events has offerings including gong sound bath meditation, an afterlife and paranormal workshop, reiki healing combined with crystal bowl sound bath, and reading tea leaves. Social distancing and COVID-19 safety precautions are in place. 

Over the coming year, Vidal hopes to grow Excitari to bring love, peace and healing to the practitioners and to the community. “We will continue to help people achieve their own versions of wellness,” she concludes. 


Excitari Wellness is located at 30 Jackson Rd., Unit D-101, in Medford. For more information, call 856-885-2990 or visit

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