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Letter from the Publisher

Jan 31, 2022 09:00AM ● By Shae Marcus


Short, fast, and a sometime bumpy weather ride … the month of February, to many, means LOVE!

What better time to take a long, slow view—and maybe discover—where we find ourselves on the love spectrum in today’s world?

Enduring Love that helps you smile even when someone’s idiosyncrasies are driving you crazy? Generous Love that enables you to help a friend in need no matter how disruptive it is to your own life? Sacrificial Love where parents wield protective power for their children? Or, Inspirational Love when you donate your time, talent or treasure to a worthy cause? And let’s not forget Romantic Love and, perhaps the most important, Self-Love.

You’ll find it all in this month’s issue of Natural Awakenings!

"The Heart-Mind Connection: How Thoughts and Emotions Affect our Heart Health" is sure to help defy long-held assumptions about how negative emotions like anger, depression and anxiety are inextricably linked to heart attacks and strokes.

Take your healing to the next level with "Truly Making Love: Sex and Intimacy as a Healing Force" where author Marlaina Donato explores how connecting on the intimate level with your partner can be one of life’s most precious gifts.

Love your planet and learn how to best shop secondhand by reading "Secondhand Fashion: Online Used Clothing Stores Good for the Wallet." Another planet-loving must read, "Purposeful Shopping: How Fair Trade Can Change the World."

Love your body with "Power Up Your Workouts: A Guide to Protein Powders and Shakes" along with "Fermenting for Foodies: Preserving Food and Traditions" and be sure to read the "Role of Uric Acid in Metabolic Health."

For the kids, don’t miss "Parents as Role Models: How to Help Kids Discover Positive Behaviors" along with "Easy and Fun Valentine's Day Craft for Kids."

And for those furry babies, we are proud to offer "Fostering Love: Tips for First-Time Pet Foster Parents."

Remember, be kind, smile and care for one another because Love always wins!


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