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Easy and Fun Valentine’s Day Craft for Kids

Jan 31, 2022 09:00AM ● By Jaycee Miller

For Valentine’s Day, youngsters can create these five crafts for the sweethearts in their lives:  

Valentine’s Day Bookmarks (Courtesy of

1. Cut strips of white cardstock about two inches wide by six inches long. 

2. Write Valentine’s Day-themed messages on the top third of each strip. 

3. Use ink pads to wet your fingers, then make fingerprints in the shape of a heart on each bookmark. 

4. Punch a ⅛-inch hole about a half-inch from the top and thread some Valentine’s Day-looking ribbon through it. 

You Blow Me Away Valentine (Courtesy of


1. Purchase a bubble wand for each valentine needed. 

2. Use a three-inch decorative punch on desired piece of cardstock. 

3. Use a two-inch decorative punch on a second type of cardstock. 

4. Write a message tied to Valentine’s Day on the smaller piece of cardstock.  

5. Use a glue stick to adhere the smaller piece of cardstock to the larger cardstock.  

6. Punch a ⅛-inch hole about ⅛-inch from the top of the larger cardstock. 

7. Cut an approximate two-foot piece of some Valentine’s Day-themed string and use the hole tie adhered pieces of cardstock to the bubble wand. Trim any excess string.  

Sip Sip Hooray (Courtesy of

1. Buy a crazy straw that has a heart-shaped top for each valentine desired. 

2. Cut a piece of cardstock that can be written on from top to bottom that is also long enough and wide enough to fit through the longest part of the straw that is straight without any overlay. 

3. Add the words Sip Sip Hooray, Happy Valentine’s Day (or a similarly themed phrase) to the cardstock with markers, stickers or anything else with letters. Make sure to leave room at the top and bottom of each piece of cardstock to punch a ⅛-inch hole. 

4. Carefully thread the cardstock into the longest part of the straw that was identified earlier. 

Valentine’s Day Word Search (Courtesy of

1. Take a piece of white cardstock and a thin black marker, and, as carefully as possible, replicate the letters and words as seen in the picture above. Hint: It’s okay to turn the cardstock sideways and create only two such games per piece of cardstock. 

2. Use other thin markers to create hearts on various spots on the page.   

Chalk-Art Valentines (courtesy of  

1. Purchase a small chalkboard for each valentine that is needed and coat them with clear chalk paint. 

3. Use cardstock, scissors and some type of writing instrument to create a two-inch by three-inch tag (about the size of a business card) with a Valentine’s Day-themed phrase that uses the word color. 

4. Punch a ⅛-inch hole at the top of the tag. 

5. Cut a piece of string long enough to tie a few pieces of chalk and tag on top of the chalkboard. Cut off any extra string. 

Jaycee Miller is a freelance writer and researcher living in New Jersey. 

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