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Letter from the Publisher

Dec 30, 2021 09:00AM ● By Nancy Seigle

January is the quintessential time for fresh starts!

Our motivation is at its peak. We have a clean slate and a chance to reflect, relax and dream new goals.

What better time to embrace healthy habits and begin a path to optimum physical and mental health?

Some areas to consider as we reach to a fuller dimension of our wellness are social connectedness, exercise, nutrition, sleep and mindfulness.

Let’s not just survive … Let’s THRIVE!

This January issue is brimming with the newest health and wellness movements which are sure to inspire and set you on your journey to this new, best year!

Start with our feature, "Health in the New Year: 10Top Wellness Trends for 2022." You’ll find surprising, new information on topics from plant-based foods, telemedicine and wearable biometric devices to saunas, intermittent fasting and personal coaching options.

Health news articles including "High Times for the Cannabis Industry: Emerging Trends with a COVID-19 Caveat," "A Better Morning Jolt: Healthy Coffee Alternatives and Hacks" and "Whole-Person Fitness: Current Trends in Fitness Tools" will help guide you to clearer consumer choices this year. And, for our furry friends, don’t miss, "Pet-Pleasing Food Trends: What Dogs and Cats Will Eat This Year."

"Getting Personal About CO2" and "The Electric Vehicle Revolution" are two “must reads” that deliver important information for a more planet-friendly world. For our inner world, look to, "Peter Russell on the Healing Power of Letting Go" and "Why Words Matter" for inspiration. For our future, creating the next generation of healthy children is paramount, so be sure to check out "Zen Zone for Kids: Create and Perfect Calm-Down Corner at Home."

Let's all thrive together this New Year!


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