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Healthy Energy for a Healthy Brain

Oct 29, 2021 10:50AM ● By Nancy Seigle

by Matt Preston 

It’s hardly an exact science when generalizing a person’s standard operating energy (SOE) although it’s important for brain health. People will go through various states of it throughout the day. Here are some general categories someone may encounter and what they could mean. 

There’s “even-keel SOE”, which isn’t necessarily the worst kind of energy, but it’s not the best either. Sometimes, life isn’t easy and other times it’s crazy. And through these periods, some people may find it’s better to just engage a “meh” state of mind. While experiencing these states, they are just happy to keep their heads down and just go with the flow. 

Now the negative results of this type of SOE could range from that person being an enabler, as they just don’t want to rock the boat, to when someone needs a shoulder to cry on, they may find that they’re not necessarily equipped to help guide us through the darkness. However, there are times when a discerning steady hand is needed and although these people may not be able to relate, they can help calm the waters. 

Next, there’s a more negative-focused SOE, with people that engage in this “headspace” never being difficult to pinpoint. They may not even know it consciously or even look like someone that may have this prevalent energy. And keep in mind this doesn’t necessarily make them bad either, just hard to deal with. 

The numerous ways these individuals display this energy can vary, and there are times it’s best to help them see the light if all they see is a wall in front of them. Other times it may be a good idea not to interact with them at all. And, again, this doesn’t mean they’re bad people by any means. The hope is they don’t intentionally try to take others down to their level, which can be especially difficult in romantic or other close relationships.  

Then, of course, there’s positive SOE, with people that exude this energy easy to spot as well. First, though, keep in mind this doesn’t mean they’ll have bluebirds singing around their head. This type of person has bad days and experiences like anyone else. But it’s how they shake themselves off and keep moving forward, while not dwelling on the negative, that truly helps keep their energy so beautiful and positive. 

One way this SOE can serve a person the best is when things are the worst. When broken down, through any number of ways, it can be vital to have this fire within to keep positive. Sure, it can dim and flicker, and these people will need time to heal, but it’s this energy that will help them do just that. Further, it’ll also help uplift those around with just a genuine smile and kind word; where many people will find themselves naturally gravitating toward them for the obvious benefit. 

In the end, everyone of all demographics and walks of life may go through these stages and energetic spaces throughout their lives. However, if one type is wired into someone, that doesn’t mean it’s that way forever either. And that’s especially true that each person doesn’t have to be stuck in the first or second SOE, and that can be some one of the best energy to utilize in keeping a health mind and brain as well. 


Matt Preston is a creative and professional writer from Gloucester Township in South Jersey. Writing is one of his passions, body mind and soul wellness one of his goals, and belief in destiny his continual motivation. His website and podcast can be found

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