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My Best Friend Has Fur; What kids have to to say about their furry friends

by Shae Marcus 

For those considering getting a new family pet, check out these real kids gushing about their best friends. It may just convince you to go for it. 

“My dogs are my best friends because they are sweet and loving to me no matter what kind of mood I am in. They are always happy to see me.” Ava F., age 11

“Finnigan is my best friend. He always decides to sit wherever I am and give me kisses. He likes to snuggle me a lot because I scratch him behind his ears and give him treats.” Connor B., age 7

“Rudy is my best friend because he gives me cuddles and makes me feel loved.”Haley H., Age 14

“I have three dogs and two guinea pigs! I can’t decide who is actually my BEST friend; they all are. They make me feel safe, play games with me and make me laugh when they do silly things.” Jack D., age 8 

“I love my dogs Bailey and Cozzy because they always get so excited when I see them. They love to play with me and cuddle.” James M., age 7

“My dog is my best friend because she is lovable and sweet. She loves to play with me and I love making her do silly things. She makes me feel happy! I really love cuddling with her the best!” Kaycie W., age 8 

“My dogs are my best friends because they love me and I love them. They cuddle me and make sure I am safe.” Leah F., age 8

“Pepper Potts is my cat and she is my best friend because she makes me feel better when I am sad. She makes me feel good because I'm her favorite. Also, when I call her, she comes at any time.” Matthew M., age 10 

“I love my dog because he plays with me and listens to me read. I don’t like when he takes up the whole bed.” Niamh G., age 10 

“Cookie, my pitbull/mastiff mix, has been my best friend since the day we adopted her. She sleeps with me every night and always makes me feel protected. She helps me eat my dinner, when I am supposed to finish (Shhh, don’t tell my mom!), and I read to her every night at bed time. She is the best dog ever!” Sarah D., age 10

“My pet is my best friend because sometimes if something happens, I can tell them and they listen and it brings comfort to me.” Savannah J., age 11

“My first friend was my beagle Hank and he’s been my best friend ever since we met. He is always there to love me. We play games, sleep and eat together.” Wren F., age 7 

“I love Kona and my other two dogs Maggie and Rugby because they give lots of cuddles and love. They are always there for me no matter what …” Kiersten H., age 10 




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