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How Knowing One’s Genes Can Help One Lose Weight

by Bristol Jenkins

 Most people have this basic understanding of genetics: One inherits genes from their parents, and their DNA combines to create your unique genetic makeup. This can include more obvious traits such as eye color and height, but also more complex traits that may involve multiple genes, such as risk of diseases including diabetes, heart disease, obesity and cancer, as well as all aspects of metabolism.

 Simply put, Nutrigenomics is the study of how one’s genes can translate into one’s plate, by making better food choices based on what one’s body needs. Many people today are looking for the best nutrition plans that are specific to them by doing the elimination diet. Although this diet helps them to make better decisions based on food consumption and writing in their diaries, this plan can take a lot of time and a lot of investment because one doesn’t really know exactly what’s working best for them until after they experience it.

Consider the procedure of a comprehensive genetic testing consisting of 70 genetic markers. It’s a field of science that has grown exponentially since the human genome project was completed in 2003. The human genome project provides us with a map of approximately 20,500 genes that make up the human being including where they are located and how they function. Together, our genes are called genome and they provide an inheritable set of instructions for life.

Nutrigenomix allows us to understand how food—specifically nutrients and non-nutrient components in the food called bioactives—interact with our genes and influence how they work. Genes are the pivot that food interacts with to produce proteins which are the heartbeat of how the body functions. This gives us new insights to how food actually works in the body to influence your health by making food makes sense at a cellular level.

There is plenty of evidence-based science that explains how nutrients influence gene expression of how genes influence nutrient utilization. 

Instead of one-size-fits-all nutrition guidance, consider taking a look at how to personalize one’s nutrition plan at Bodies By Bristol using Nutrigenomix genetic testing. They can provide personalized results based on one’s DNA.

Beyond strategic nutrient targets, the practice considers food sensitivities, texture and flavor preferences and cultural/ethnic nuances. They use an extensive questionnaire to obtain an understanding of the individual's shopping habits, cooking ability, equipment on hand, food budget and many other factors that are integral to planning and eating meals.


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