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Ready, Set, BLONDE!

Ready, Set, BLONDE!

 Warm, sunny days are ahead, and we are not mad about it. There is something about those perfectly placed, sun-kissed highlights that just scream summer! However, summer days for most means throwing your hair up and heading down to the beach.

 So, is there a way to have that beautiful, just-stepped-out-of-the-salon look without investing the time so you can enjoy your summer days? Yes! Say hello to balayage, also known as the low-maintenance sister of traditional highlights. So, what is the difference between highlights and balayage? Showing a little root! Balayage is a technique where hand-painted highlights are placed, the root is dropped and magically you have a seamless look that is more low-maintenance than regular highlights, which go to the root and often leave harsh lines that need attention.

 Typically, our balayage clients see us every three to four months versus every six to eight weeks for highlights. At Urban House Salon, our stylists are balayage masters. They understand the importance of placement and dimension and tailor every highlight to best suit you. In addition, we also include bond builder into our balayage services, which protects the hair and often makes your hair feel softer and healthier than your pre-color days.


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