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May is Women’s Health Month, a time we should stop, breathe and take the opportunity to increase awareness about health issues.

Apr 30, 2021 04:32PM ● By Shae Marcus

Forget about having it all—many women these days are doing it all. Raising kids, working, caring for elderly parents, running a household, and often managing alone as a single mom.

That is the exhausting “doing it all” reality for so many women.

 With all of their “doing,” there’s one thing women agree isn’t happening: They are so busy taking care of everyone else that they aren’t taking care of themselves.

 May is Women’s Health Month, a time we should stop, breathe and take the opportunity to increase awareness about health issues important to women throughout their lifetime, such as heart disease, breast and ovarian cancers and diabetes, among other illnesses.

 In honor of this national observance, this month’s issue focuses on women’s health. Our feature article is “Women’s Top Health Concerns.” Much has improved in women’s health from three decades ago when women were considered “small men” and rarely included in clinical studies. With more nuanced treatments and medications now offered, breast cancer deaths have dropped by 40 percent and autoimmune diseases don’t necessarily lead to wheelchairs, yet much remains to be done for women to prevent and treat heart disease, cancer, hormonal issues, autoimmune diseases and depression. Research and strategies point not just to medical advances but to integrative preventive approaches including specific vitamins and nutrients.


Other articles pertaining to women in this month’s edition include an insightful interview with Devaki Lindsey Berkson on bioidentical hormones—bioidentical hormones outdo synthetic hormones, studies show—and an informative article on holistic pregnancy. During the nine months of pregnancy, mother and baby share blood, nutrition and air, which is why it’s wise during pregnancy to eat organic whole foods, take a high-quality prenatal vitamin, replace body care products and household cleaners that contain chemical toxins, exercise, and practice meditation or yoga. A midwife or doula can provide comfort, coaching and information particularly during the birth itself, and many apps and books offer valuable guidance.


Another theme we concentrate on this month is massage and bodywork. Our Fit Body section is dedicated to this topic. After a workout, a little TLC with a bodywork practitioner can combat soreness and stiffness, maximizing fitness investments in and out of the gym. Approaches such as Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage and myofascial trigger point release therapy can boost both blood and lymphatic circulation and give soft tissues a vital shot of cellular nutrition.


I hope you enjoy our offerings this month and that all the ladies out there lighten their load a little bit and take time to pamper themselves with, say, a good massage.


May your May be magnificent!



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