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Natural Awakenings South Jersey

UrbanHouse Salon is All About Sustainability

“There is a universal truth that applies to every single living being and binds us together as one, no matter where you live and no matter what nationality you are. That simple truth is: We all depend upon our planet's environment for survival.” – Kevin Murphy

At UrbanHouse salon, we believe in this spirit of sustainability and environmental friendliness. The health and beauty of our planet and your hair should be in harmony. That is one of the primary reasons that we chose to work with Kevin Murphy products and color.

Every effort is made to help protect the environment by utilizing packaging that is recyclable or biodegradable. Only natural ingredients from sustainable and renewable sources are used and harvested in a way that does no harm to the environment. Sulfate-free surfactants that effectively cleanse without stripping or depleting the hair of its color; alpha hydroxy acids or fruit acids, derived from papaya, citrus and sugar cane, that gently exfoliate the hair surface without drying or depleting the hair; and soap bark tree, Quillaja and other plant-derived sources that help to nourish the hair are used to ensure that the beauty and health of your hair are protected, all while protecting our environment.

To further that commitment, UrbanHouse has also invested in Ecoheads for our sinks, which save about 98 gallons, or about 65 percent, of water per sink every day, as well as disposable and biodegradable sugar cane color bowls to further save water usage.

At UrbanHouse, we hope to leave your hair and the planet a little better than we found it.

Location: 19 S. Main St., Bldg. B, Mullica Hill. For more information or to make an appointment, call 856-284-3148 or visit