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Time for a Whole-Body Cleanse

 For many of us, staying inside much more than usual may have caused a decline in some aspects of our health including adding a few extra pounds or feeling fatigued or bloated. It may be time to do a whole-body cleanse or detoxification and now is the perfect time to do it to be ready for spring.  

Spring is the beginning of the season cycle, a time of birth and new beginnings. It is also the energy of the wood element. This is the energy that brings forth new growth that pushes the new grass through the snow, the new branches out from old wood and produces new leaves. It does this so nature can take in the nourishment it needs to flourish. 

Spring is also the time of hope; this season bursts forward with optimism, offering change after the quiet, still time of winter. As in nature, the wood energy is part of the energy of our body—the acupuncture meridians of the liver and gall bladder. Therefore, it is the perfect time to devote attention to the liver organ, the master filter for our entire body. 

Some of the many benefits of having a cleanse include weight loss, increased energy and vitality,clearer thinking, better digestion, less bloating, improved weight management, clearer skin, shinier hair, improved sleep and a revitalizing of one’s liver in clearing out toxins. 

There are many cleansing options that are available at the Nutritional Wellness Center, in Palmyra, New Jersey. Free advice for the right cleanse designed specifically for one’s body type can be obtained by calling them. Dr. Sean C. Inselberg and the rest of his team are offering 20 percent off all cleanses throughout this month. They can be shipped directly to one’s door or picked at their office. One’s personalized cleanse will consist of a protein powder (many options available including vegan), a detoxification agent to cleanse organ systems, whole-food fiber to clean out the colon and a guide to follow to make better food choices, along with a recipe book to make healthier meals. 


For more information or to make an appointment, call the Nutritional Wellness Center at 856-499-2160 or visit 


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