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Mind Your Peas and Carrots!

Feb 27, 2021 04:35PM ● By Shae Marcus

by Shae Marcus

To try to find out more about what kids think “eating healthy” means, we decided to go right to the experts—themselves. Here’s what some of them had to say about it.

“Eating healthy helps your muscles grow stronger and you get bigger … and be able to run FASTER. Healthy food tastes great!”

Amelia Avila, 5

“It makes your body healthy.”

Charlotte Barber, 7

“Food that goes in my body, it’s good for you!”

Cole Mitchell, 5


“Fruit makes you strong and healthy, like the Hulk! But its ok to sprinkle some candy in for balance”.

Jack Drabin, 8


“Eating Vegetables, because they are good for you.”

Jaxson Gusich, 9


“Eating healthy means more fruits, vegetables and less junk. Less snacks, more protein. Vitamins. Also being healthy is sometimes just playing outside and having fun.”

Maya Ben-Ari, 9 ½


“Heathy eating means a healthy body.”

Nadia Steward, 10


“I like eating candy better. Healthy food is good for your body and better for you then candy. But candy is sooo good.”

Nicholas Palaschak, 6


“You have to eat healthy so you don’t get sick, like eating fruit and not a lot of candy.”

Sarah Drabin, 10


“It means not eating candy or junk, but eating fruit, meat and vegetables.”

Olivia Mazzuca, 7