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Relief of Chronic Pain Without Drugs or Surgery

Living with chronic joint, back or neuropathy pain can be an agonizing experience. There is nothing worse than feeling held back from the activities that you enjoy because your chronic pain just won’t go away. There’s a solution for those that suffer from knee pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, low back pain, neck pain, degenerative arthritis, bone on bone or neuropathy symptoms.

Regenerative Medicine of South Jersey is dedicated to helping patients get out of and stay out of pain through the use of cutting-edge therapies that are ideal for reducing joint pain, improving mobility and preventing costly, painful surgeries or replacements.

Their team of highly trained medical practitioners use an integrative approach to provide patients with the most advanced, non-surgical, drug-free solutions that address the cause of the condition without simply masking the symptoms. Unlike most treatments for chronic joint pain and neuropathy symptoms commonly used, such as prescription drugs, pain medication and cortisone injections, regenerative therapies work by taking advantage of the body’s ability to repair itself, naturally.

While regenerative cell therapy may be the most known, there are many different regenerative treatment options. Some of the most common and effective regenerative therapies offered today include:

· Regenerative Cell Therapy which involves injecting regenerative cells into a joint to stimulate an incredible healing force. Over the span of a few weeks to a few months, these cells and growth factors assist the body’s ability to potentially repair and regenerate cartilage, ligaments, muscles, tissues and even nerves.

· Platelet-Rich Plasma procedures use a patient’s own blood plasma to concentrate cells for regenerative application. The growth factors found in the plasma help accelerate and greatly enhance the body’s natural occurring healing process.

· Combined Electrochemical Therapy is a clinically proven treatment for neuropathy symptoms and chronic joint pain. It aids in the prevention of further degeneration of tissue, increases circulation and promotes healing at the cellular level.

· Viscosupplementation is a gel-like substance that when injected, provides lubrication to the joint which can significantly reduce knee pain while improving mobility and function.

Through the use of these simple, effective, in-office procedures that require no drugs or surgery and little-to-no down time, Regenerative Medicine of South Jersey has been helping patients get their life back by getting them out of pain and back to enjoying the activities they love.

Many of the treatment options at Regenerative Medicine of South Jersey are covered by Medicare and most insurances. The practice offers convenient hours as well as treatment options that are tailored to one’s condition, time and financial situation. So, for those suffering from the debilitating symptoms of chronic joint or back pain, or peripheral neuropathy, it may be time to start thinking about regenerative medicine.

Regenerative Medicine of South Jersey has locations in Rio Grande and Marlton. Call 609-739-7111 or visit 

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