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Four Biggest Mistakes Made When Clearing Clutter

Feb 27, 2021 03:23PM ● By KellySue Fitzharris

While clearing clutter can truly be a spiritual practice and a satisfying ritual, many of us struggle to declutter. We know that we will feel better if we loosen the grip that clutter has on our lives, but we often face stumbling blocks along the way. Here are some of the reasons why our attempts might not have been successful.

1.     We Focus on the Negative                                                                                                   If clearing clutter always feels like a difficult task in our mind, then it will actually be that way when we do it. The remedy for this is an intentional shift: Instead of allowing our old thoughts (“decluttering is so hard”) to run through our mind, we need to focus on how good decluttering will make us feel (“I will feel calmer, brighter and more inspired!”). 

2.     We Don’t Make It a Ritual                                                                                             

We need to set ourselves up for feeling good while we work—make tea, turn on tunes, light a candle. When we make it feel good along the way, the process becomes enjoyable.

3.     We Skip the Messages                                                                                                      

To truly declutter is a spiritual practice. It requires us to look clearly into our lives. Our spaces speak messages of growth and healing to us. With an open heart, we will effectively clear our clutter and heal our life.

4.     We Don’t Leave Open Spaces                                                                    

Underestimated and often ignored, we must leave open spaces. We need to breathe into the uncomfortable unknown of open space. Then, we need to tend to it intentionally, calling in new energy into our life and home.

KellySue Fitzharris is the founder of Guiding Hearts and Healing Spaces. To set up an energy-clearing or clutter-clearing consult, email her at [email protected]. For more information, visit