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How to Enjoy the Holidays Without Feeling Anxious Around Food

It’s inevitable that during the holiday season, we’re not going to eat all of our normal foods.  Consider how much fun Thanksgiving would be if one spent it eating salads and just smelling the pie instead of tasting it.

Letting yourself enjoy the holidays by not stressing out about the food you’re going to be around is extremely important. One should recognize that it’s not a permanent situation, and that your healthy diet will be there for you all year. The holidays won’t.

When you’re preparing for the holidays, try not to start any crazy diets or exercise routines. If you’re restricting your food choices too much, it just makes the holiday foods that much more appealing.

 A lot of people will eat less throughout the day in order to “save calories” for later. I can promise you that this doesn’t work and is not healthy. Again, it will just make you extremely hungry, moody and more likely to go crazy at the dessert table.

 Find a balance between eating your healthy foods and also some not so healthy foods. Eating is not all or nothing. You can still have a salad for dinner and holiday cookies for dessert. Your body won’t change.

 If you’re feeling anxious about eating during the holidays, try talking to a friend or saying some positive affirmations like “The food choices I make do not define me. My body is smart and knows how to adapt. Family is more important than food. There is always tomorrow.”

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