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Food Sensitivity Testing Now Available at the Replenish Center

Oct 02, 2020 03:24PM ● By Shae Marcus

The Replenish Center, in Willingboro, has added food sensitivity testing to its integrative and complementary services, which include bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, physician supervised weight management, aesthetic medicine and functional medicine.

Food is the stuff of life, yet sometimes it is the very cause of ill health and dysfunction. Often, it is hard to know which foods are the culprits. It is very common for people to be allergic to foods that they eat frequently. According to James Breneman, M.D., former chairman of the Food Allergy Committee of the American College of Allergy, approximately 60 percent of all undiagnosed symptoms are due to underlying food allergies. 

Most food allergies are of the “delayed hypersensitivity” type in which symptoms appear anywhere from hours to days after eating the offending food. If the food is one that is eaten frequently, the repeated exposure can lead to a constant level of symptoms that begins to seem “normal”. People may not even realize that they could feel much better by simply eliminating the problematic foods.

The Replenish Center uses a type of testing that checks blood for antibodies that the body may be making to specific foods. The allergy profiles focus on detecting delayed-type hypersensitivities and test up to 191 common spices and foods. Many patients report new levels of vitality and optimism after eliminating the problematic food sources.

Location: 215 Sunset Rd., Ste. 204. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 856-380-1330 or visit