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Improve Joint Health

Oct 02, 2020 02:32PM ● By Shae Marcus

The body’s joints have a basic design position and function. When the body loses this, for whatever reason, it can affect joint health. However, according to postural alignment specialist Deb Freeman, of Aligned by Design, Inc., there is good news. “You can begin to restore joint health through a simple body position,” she says.

“Lay on your back with your feet up on a chair, or similar item, with a 90 degree angle at the knees (18 inches in height for the average person),” explains Freeman. “Your arms should rest about 45 degrees from your hips, with your palms up. A small pillow or folded towel can be placed under your head, if needed for comfort.” 

This is one of the foundational positions used in Pete Egoscue’s method of posture therapy, says Freeman. It makes use of the floor, the chair and gravity to improve shoulder, hip, knee and ankle positioning. Improved positioning leads to improved function and health. 

“While breathing gently in and out of your upper abdomen, relax in the position for five to 15 minutes,” adds Freeman. “In addition to improving joint health, this position can also improve balance and mitigate pains throughout the body. Almost anyone can do it and it is a well-loved position because of its many benefits. Come out of the position if for any reason you think you should. It should not be painful.”

For more information, call Aligned by Design, Inc., at 856-495-6604 or email Freeman at [email protected]