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Fight the Mind Virus

Aug 29, 2020 01:32PM ● By Shae Marcus

Michelle Vacanti

f the current state of affairs isn’t proof of Simulation Theory, I can’t imagine what else would suffice; perhaps aliens taking over? It seems as if that would be the logical progression. However, any semblance of logic or reason has appeared to escape us altogether to be replaced with a mind virus of sorts. 

This mind virus is attacking us from all directions these days. Mainstream “news” has zero resemblance to what true journalism should be; unbiased reporting of factual information and data. Instead it has become a source of opinion editorial fraught with misrepresentation of the truth, if not outright deception and contradictory information…all designed to propagate a certain agenda and to promote fear. Many of our politicians perpetuate these agendas with disinformation. Our institutions, both commercial and educational, have fallen prey to the mind virus and are driving rigid and dogmatic-like narratives. Social media giants hold a monopoly on the sharing of information and prejudicially decide what gets shared, censored and/or promoted in line with the “correct” ideologies. And then we have the cults of warring ideologies altogether, who are now resorting to violence and chaos that seemingly erases all civilized progress to date. 

The social media role in perpetuating the mind virus is undeniable. What was originally developed to connect humanity is now arguably the most unhealthy form of interaction. The algorithms seek to perpetuate inflammatory engagement, and the result in my estimation, is an anti-social platform.

My plan to fight the mind virus is to disconnect from social media and mainstream news for the month of August, and I am calling on the South Jersey community to do the same. I refuse to live in a state of fear and instead will listen to the inner voice that speaks to us all, promoting harmony and well-being. It is a choice…what will your choice be? We offer several ideas in “15 Things We Can Still Do” on page 21 to enjoy the rest of the summer and take some time to disconnect, listen, love and breathe.

Fear Not the Virus…


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