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Aug 29, 2020 01:14PM ● By Maryann Pino Miller

As has been an indication of my insecurities, I was seeking approval. The usual―that’s great, nice job, you’re doing great. But not from my parents, a teacher, a friend, my husband, my employer … but from Spirit. Yes, I wanted an “atta girl” from Spirit.

Like everyone these days, I have my moments of uncertainty. Because I believe this “down time” is all about soul searching, about going within and sorting out the misconceptions I garnered as a child, and about loving me, I wanted to be sure I was doing it “right”.

So, one day in a meditation, I asked. I actually had trouble forming the question so there was more than one: “Am I keeping up my end of the bargain, you know … staying on my path, fulfilling my purpose? Is my consciousness shifting to a higher vibration? (I certainly didn’t have a clue, but that is all the talk these days.) Am I loving enough? Am I contributing to the mass healing that is needed now?”  

Spirit was able to sort through that barrage. This is what I heard: It’s not what you do that matters, it’s doing it―whatever it is―with gusto. Being 100% engaged with it, being present to it, being in the moment, in the now. This is where love resides. This blesses the doing. So, if you want to vibrate higher, being fully engaged with whatever it is in the present moment is your ticket.

So I played around with this. Why would this be the case? If it doesn’t matter what I do, just that I do it with gusto, then I can eliminate the judgment that usually surrounds my decisions … did I choose correctly. I have a tendency to put a hierarchical value to “doingness”.  Therefore, I either feel good, better, best … or worse and worse about my decisions. The judgments pull me further away from where I want to be … loving me.  And if I wasn’t present to what I was doing, it was because I was ruminating over the past or dreading the next hours, days, weeks. Adding more judgment about my abilities, putting a kink into my loving me unconditionally.

This answer further led me into the concept of “doingness” versus “beingness”. I have felt for a long time that life was about being, not doing; that if I connected with this “being” (me), the doing would take care of itself. I further realized that this being I sensed I needed to get to know was my inner divine being.

I have been doing that … getting to know my inner divine being. Now may be time to trust that I can relax on getting the doingness right and step more into the beingness. Be present where love resides … in the present moment … thereby making every doingness a love fest, no judgment necessary. That feels good.


Regardless of where you think you are at this time in relation to yourself, your relationship with your inner divine being is intact … always has been, always will be.

So, if you are game to step into shifting your focus from doingness to beingness, consider setting an intention. An intention lets the Universe know how you would like to begin directing your energies. (The Universe is more than willing to help.) Jot it down so you can read it every morning to set your energy for the day. The Universe doesn’t need this repetition, you do.  

If you are into affirmations, write down one or two. Again, this is for you. You are resetting your conscious mind (your self-talk) to approach life differently. The more you say the affirmations and begin shifting your awareness to the present moment (not the upsetting past or the scary future), your subconscious will catch up and the flow will get easier. 

I believe there was a song, “It’s All About the Beat.” I really liked the song and the beat, but it is actually all about the love!

Maryann Pino Miller is a spiritual teacher, Awareness Coach and author. She can be reached at 856-912-2087 or by email at [email protected].