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Natural Awakenings South Jersey

The Consciousness Cultivator Now Offering In-Person Spiritual Awakening Services

Michelle Bunting, also known as the Consciousness Cultivator and channel for the family of teachers called Seth, is now offering in-person appointments for spiritual awakening services at The Center, Life in Balance, in Medford, including past-life regressions, life coaching, private and group channeling sessions and future-life progressions. Masks are required. 

 While there are many paths to each awakening experience, Bunting offers techniques learned along her own awakening journey and from the guidance received from Source, which revealed her ability to channel infinite intelligence and propelled her into the service of others in each of their awakening journeys. 

 “Participants of these spiritual awakening services will experience a conscious level of knowing that allows them to understand who and what they really are, and welcome into their lives the rich energy textures of love, joy, clarity, passion, deliciousness and adventure,” says Bunting.  

 For more information or to book an appointment, call 609-379-3304 or visit