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Natural Awakenings South Jersey

Spirit to Sole Connection Offering Online Herbal Classes

Spirit to Sole Connection, in Merchantville, is offering a Community Herbalist Course and mini-herbal classes online. Students will learn about weeds used as beneficial herbs like chickweed, dandelion, cleavers and purple dead-nettle.

“What if the answer to your cough, sore throat, seasonal allergies, gut issues and other ailments were in weeds? That’s right, what we consider weeds are actually nature’s first medicine,” says Jeannie Francis, Spirit to Sole Connection owner, as well as a reflexologist, herbalist, reiki practitioner, energy worker and more.  

“Our Earth is filled with healing gifts to support us in our everyday life,” adds Francis. “These amazing gifts have been placed upon our Earth to benefit our health and wellness. Many of these plants have become labeled as a nuisance. We spend countless hours spraying poisons or pulling the weeds to remove them from our walkways, gardens and perennials beds. What is not realized is we are removing the healers that have been given as a gift for our health. It is time to return to the healing ways of the Earth and learn to use these gifts.”

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