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Natural Awakenings South Jersey

Peace of Earth Has Reopened

Peace of Earth, in Burlington, which offers natural, earth-conscious products, is back open for business. One of the store’sfavorite featured products is Earth Baby hand sanitizer, which has a mild 62 percent alcohol level to reduce drying out one’s skin. It also contains the moisturizing and emollient properties of Oleospheres to better combat drying out a person’s skin, as well as nutritive elements from aloe and honeysuckle to help nurture one’s skin. 

As we emerge from self-quarantine mode, keeping our hands sanitized in public will be a priority. There are plenty of opportunities for contracting germs using public transportation or going shopping. Latex gloves may be an option for adults; however, kids may find their only option is to have a hand sanitizer available.

Peace of Earth is offering free refills to customers that buy hand sanitizers with carabiners.

Location: 243 High St. For more information including store hours, call 609-784-3034 or visit