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Healing Hands Self-Care Available 24/7

May 20, 2020 04:45PM ● By Elsie Kerns

Energy practices using our own electromagnetics are thousands of years old, but are just as powerful today as they were way back then. Our individual and collective health, balance and vitality in the wake of the current pandemic is more important now than ever. We are electrical beings with hearts that emit the most electromagnetic energy off the body―twice as much as the brain. Being overwhelmed and stressed out drains the body’s energy, creating ongoing fatigue, overwhelming exhaustion and, eventually, total burnout. Hands-on healing, for self-care and with others, relaxes the nervous system, calms mindless chatter and creates inner peace. 

Use your own healing hands to help heal, calm and renew the body, mind and spirit. Using “energy as medicine” means that energy is the patient and now energy is the healer.  No previous experience is necessary―it’s natural. 

Here are three key “Energy Spark Plugs” that are easy and effective:

1.     For digestion, grounding―tap the cheekbones firmly. This is the beginning of the stomach electrical line of light, also known as stomach meridian, that starts at the cheek bones and winds all the way down the body to the second toe.

 2.     There are the “coffee cup” points. Find the end knobs of your collarbone area, drop down about an inch and out an inch and tap or massage these energy points connected to the kidney, a major vitality source for the physical body. Tapping and massaging these points wakes up the brain and boosts energy―it’s like a shot of expresso.  

 3.     Ignite the power of your immune system. Move just above the heart area, connect with the thymus and literally thump the thymus to support, energize and boost the immune system. Keep your immune system on healthy alert. This energy spark plug guards and protects the body from foreign invaders and needs your daily attention and support.

 Close your eyes for a minute and place one hand over the other at the heart energy center between the breasts. Be still, breathe and remember, you are enough.

 Elsie Kerns is a wellness and advanced energy medicine practitioner in South Jersey. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 856-988-7426 or visit

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