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Time to explore the Pinelands

Mar 30, 2020 06:44PM ● By Shae Marcus

Michelle Vacanti

Well, if the fresh air and aroma of springtime don’t get you out into nature, perhaps the seasonal viruses will. As cabin fever sets in, our family is dusting off the hiking boots, cleaning the kayaks and setting out to explore the pinelands.

Fresh air offers a refreshing and natural way to boost the immune system and that’s the best defense when it comes to preventing illness.

If that doesn’t inspire you to get out, perhaps the essay on Wharton State Forest, or the Pinelands top 5 Hiking spots will! 

For Earth Day month, we focus on planetary health as well as ours. So, don’t forget the numerous open-air Earth Day events to refocus our collective energy on health and wellness for both humanity and the planet. 

Finally, remember that everything is always working out…

Stay Calm and Healthy!