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My CBD Story by Jennifer Phillips

Dr Jen Phillips

CBD gummies, CBD oil, CBD topical treatments… it can be hard to figure out how to start.

I admit to a tendency to get overly excited about new supplements, herbs and approaches that I learn at seminars, webinars or natural health magazines. However, as a doctor of naturopathic medicine, I have adopted the philosophy that “time will tell”. Time separates fact, fiction and fad. A year ago, I decided to try it for myself. Whenever I can, I make myself the first trial.

 Yes, I am a guinea pig. There’s no better way see what happens and what to expect from a new approach. However, that’s a problem when I’m allergic to an ingredient. Years ago, I found out, after accidental ingestion of marijuana (in chocolate, a long story) that I am allergic to it. After three hours of severe dizziness and vomiting, I was cured of any desire to do that again.

I relay this experience to underline the fact that CBD does not have appreciable amounts of THC. CBD is hemp derived, which means that it has 3% or less THC content. And yes, you guessed it, I did not have any problem when I tried CBD. In fact, I slept great.

Since then I have been recommending CBD regularly for patients with sleep issues. The results have been showing a lot more than just sleep benefits. It’s been shown to also help with anxiety, stress and depressive issues. In short, this realm of therapy can help in many different situations with little concern of side effects and no risk of dependency. Since good sleep and low stress levels are major precursors to good health, that’s a great place to start.

CBD is dispensed in the form of capsules and liquid. I prefer to start with liquid as it’s easier to titrate, or adjust dosage, to discover the best dosage for you. There is no downside to taking less or more than you need, it simply will not work optimally. So my suggestion is to start low and slowly increase until sleep is sound and restful. I suggest a dosage of five to 10 milligrams at bedtime to help with sleep. I have a preferred brand, but do your own research. Look for a brand made without solvents, with clear dosages and reputable third-party testing.  

 Dr. Jennifer Phillips practices Naturopathic Medicine at the Merchantville Medical Wellness Center, in Merchantville. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 856-488-7067 or visit

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