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The Healing Properties of Plants - Positive Results from Hemp CBD Use by Bill Reneau

In the previous Plant Medicine article, I shared some of the benefits of adding plants to your home this winter or anytime. This month, I’d like to provide some feedback from our customers that have used Charlotte’s Web Hemp CBD over the past 15 months. 

 But first, I’d like to review some of the areas we shared previously when purchasing a hemp CBD product. Because of the of many realized benefits of hemp CBD, along with its availability, popularity and legal status, over the past several years, many retailers have added numerous products containing hemp CBD hoping to capitalize on the opportunity. Unfortunately, profit is typically the goal and not necessarily quality when delivering products to the consumer. The other challenge most consumers face along with finding a quality product is understanding the information on the packaging. Typically, you’ll see the strength of the product in milligrams and often what is not clear is what this measurement is referring to. It could pertain to dosage, CBD, hemp or the total volume of the package. 

Because purchasing hemp CBD can be confusing, we created a product matrix for our customers, specifically for Charlotte’s Web, to show the dosage, strength in milligrams of both CBD and hemp extract along with the beneficial use for each their products. Because of the quality of this product and an educated customer, we’ve had many repeat customers sharing their success stories of the use of this product. Among the many benefits experienced by customers have been for symptoms of pain, anxiety and sleep. 

 (Pain) Customers reported relief from pain from arthritis, neuropathy, chemotherapy, bulging discs, herniated discs, sciatica, back injuries, muscle aches, fatigue, headaches, migraines, new pain and post-surgery pain. (Anxiety) Customers reported a sense of calm and reduced anxiety; some customers said that they were able to stop taking their anxiety and depression medication. (Sleep) Customers reported that they were able to sleep through the night without being groggy in the morning; those undergoing chemotherapy stated it helped them with sleep and pain. We also heard from customers that were using this product for autism, epilepsy and seizures.

 We are so happy to hear all of the positive results from our customers. We wanted to take this opportunity to remind our you of the many benefits of natural and alternative ways of getting to a healthier you. Wishing you the best 2020 has to offer. 

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