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Local Author Releases Book to Inspire Others

Maria Sibilla, an author from Medford, released a book calledConnect With Your Inner Spirit: Rise to the Life of Your Dreamsto inspire others to take the time to connect within to one’s true self/inner spirit to experience peace, calm and be centered. She says that everything that one needs is within already; one just has to be still and learn to listen to one’s intuition and guidance from one’s source/God/universe.

 It’s a book about changing one’s thinking from negative thoughts to positive ones and releasing limiting beliefs about oneself. It’s about realizing your true life’s purpose, pushing through fear and taking divinely guided action to create your dream life. 

 These are all strategies and processes the author has learned and used for the past 15 years and has taught to so many—and teaches these in the book. “I wrote my book to help people, so if you want to transform your life or just want some small changes like finding peace, you can learn them in my book,” says Sibilla.

 The book is available for purchase on Amazon (, and Connect with Sibilla at 609-284-5965 or [email protected]

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