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Gratitude Shift

If you are reading this magazine, you most likely accept the principles set forth in the “Law of Attraction” philosophy. Many people mistakenly attempt to use this law to bring abundance into their lives tin he form of material possessions. It is well documented that material wealth does not bring about happiness or meaning to life in and of itself. 

So, as co-creators of our reality ,we should instead focus on creating the energetic environment that welcomes in and recognizes abundance of all forms; like sunshine, one’s breath, clean drinking water, the sweet gaze from a beloved pet, a fiery crimson maple tree in the fall, etc. The list is endless when you contemplate it.

This is accomplished through gratitude, it is the foundation for all abundance, material and ethereal. When we are grateful, we create the vibrational environment for abundance to flow. It is as simple as that. Just as a feeling of lack perpetuates the very state in our lives, so does the feeling of abundance. A daily practice of gratitude can become a habit, then a belief system, and then a full integration into our temperament becoming the very essence of who we are, effortlessly. This is when a peaceful and loving state of being sees abundance everywhere and has no conception that for one to gain, means another has to lose. There is enough for all because we are all one.

Don’t get trapped in the story you tell yourself that there is nothing good in your life… practice gratitude and watch your life transform.


Happy Thanksgiving

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