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Time to Ban Plastics for Good?

Pat and Michelle

Time to Ban Plastics for Good?

In September, we always celebrate yoga and this month we also tie it in with Ayurvedic philosophy and cooking. The two are intertwined intimately in a local yoga teacher training program that is highlighted on page 12. As I’ve alluded to many times, I have a deep love for the practice of yoga so I always enjoy the September issue and this one ranks among the best.

The health of the planet and its inhabitants is also at the core of another feature, “The Re-Use Revolution” on page 34. The growing plastics crisis has resulted in tiny pieces of plastic showing up in our food, water and even the snowfall in the arctic. If you read my letters regularly, you know that I am passionate about conservation and recycling; especially where plastic is concerned. So, I am encouraged that some states, municipalities and private companies are beginning to take action in innovative ways. And New Jersey is among the states that are responding to the demand for change. A growing list of towns are banning plastic bags, polystyrene containers and single use plastics. This is only the beginning of course, but perhaps this is the birth of paradigm shift. The planet has been abused for far too long and it is time to love and nurture it instead.


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