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Letter From the Publisher

The primary focus this month is on pets, how they enrich our lives and how we can help them through a natural healthcare regime. As an animal lover, this is one of my favorite topics and I am so grateful to be able to share this meaningful insight this month.

I transitioned my dogs to an integrative care model a few years ago to align with my own philosophy of minimizing the side effects and toxins associated with pharmaceutical drugs. I can personally attest to the benefits to the effectiveness of a more natural and alternative healthcare regime. My beloved female Shepherd, Nikki, will be 14 years old in the fall. She struggles, as Shepherds frequently do, with hip dysplasia and arthritis these days. My goal now, is to provide comfort so she has been getting acupuncture with Dr. Cobb (featured in this month’s business spotlight). Nikki transforms from a dog that can barely manage to stand, to trotting out of the office. This along with CBD oil has made a remarkable difference in her pain and mobility. 

I write this as we undergo a heat wave, so I want to remind everyone to never leave your pets in a hot car. And don’t forget to reuse any and all bags you come across for cleanup on their walks. I almost threw away a bread bag this morning before realizing its secondary usefulness. I have also used produce bags and plastic that items are shipped in. The creativity is endless, so take a moment to think about alternate uses before throwing anything away.

Stay Cool!


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