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Bodybuilding Champion Endorses Kangen Water for Recovery, Health and Athletic Performance

Once in a while, a technology is introduced to the world that has dramatic effect on athletic performance. Adequate hydration is an absolute necessity for optimal athletic performance. One technological breakthrough that is relatively new to athletes in North America is restructured, antioxidant, alkaline ionized water. 

Champion bodybuilder Wade Lightheart, author of Hydration Breakthrough for Athletes, writes about his experience using Kangen Water (the brand of restructured water that he uses and recommends) as well as a brief synopsis of how the water technology works and how it can affect athletic performance.

In his book, Lightheartdocuments his experience using restructured ionized water and how it allowed him to train harder, longer and recover in a fraction of the time it would take using conventional waters from taps, bottled water or other filtration, ionization or purification machines. 

The author further explains how this new technology turns ordinary tap water into a natural, high-powered performance enhancer that can enable everyone from weekend warriors to world- class athletes to more easily reach their genetic potential. Restructured ionized water improves recovery, helps avoid injury and can potentially extend athletic careers.

For more information, a free copy of Hydration Breakthrough for Athletesor to try a free sample of antioxidant, alkaline Kangen Water, call Patrick Dumadag at 201-913-0397 or visit See ad on page 7.

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