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Natural Awakenings South Jersey

The Men in our Lives: The Men in our Lives

The June issue is dedicated to the men and fathers in our lives. We focus on health and well-being for them. Writer Melanie Laporte offers an insightful path to wellness in “Nature’s Toolbox: The Key to Prostate Health,” an up-to-date report on the latest approaches to treating and preventing some major problems associated with this tiny yet highly important gland. 

Men far too often delay wellness visits and flat out ignore symptoms. This took my own father’s life when he was much too young, as esophageal cancer had permeated his robust frame by the time he addressed it. 

One thing that eased my own suffering regarding my father’s passing was his spiritual commitment. He accepted his prognosis with peace and grace, and as an intensely religious man, he knew that death only meant the return to God. I am always comforted by a sentiment of his regarding the cancer: “Michelle, I could beat this thing, or not. Either way, I win.”

We profile local author, John Sambalino, who reflects on his own spiritual evolution in a compelling new book: Is God in that Bottle Cap? A Search for Truth. It’s the first one on my summer reading list! And finally, Chris Bruno offers inspiration to fathers with his personal essay, “Fatherhood’s Pain and Glory: We Must Face Our Own Story First.”

Happy Father’s Day,